Our Services

We are proud to provide the following services

Structural Design of New & Remodeled Buildings
Seismic Retrofit
We are specialized in providing structural evaluation, analysis, and seismic retrofit of existing buildings. This covers all types of buildings including single family houses, URM buildings, multi-unit apartment and condominums, commercial, and multi-use buildings. Seismic Retrofit of Soft Story Buildings are extensively covered.
Provide structural design for all types of buildings including customed single family residence, multi-unit condos and apartment buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, schools, and healthcare facilities.
Shoring Design
Structural Inspection and Peer Review
Shoring is typically required when a new building includes a basement or subterranean garages. We provide unique solutions for each soils condition in collaboration with the geotechnical engineer of the project.
Visit the site, inspect and evaluate existing condition in order to provide an overall and detailed professional opinion of the current condition of the building and/or its foundation. 
Foundation Repair and Underpining
Expert Witness
When you notice cracks in your building or uneven floor, it is time to have the building inspected by an experinced structural engineer. In some cases, reinforcing the existing foundation may be needed which we can design for you.
We work closely with your legal representative to provide the best in-depth professional opinion regarding any dispute that may involve structural issue.